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Each of the highly qualified personal trainers on our team brings with them the passion and persistence of the pursuit that got us training in the first place. Whether it was tennis and triathlons, college football, elite bodybuilding, or body-healing therapies, we all carry with us the culture of the community of Atlanta sports trainers who spurred us to make fitness our profession.

Choosing the Atlanta Sports Trainer Who’s Right for You

Connecting the paths and points of view from sports trainers all over the world, from this immense experience and variety, we offer you a resource you can rely on, to help you define your own vision and goals, and to support you in making them a reality day by day. Our experience is committed to your success.

A Powerful Place to Start

Firsthand experience is widely regarded in Atlanta as the best quality sports trainers can offer you. In fact, some say that the thing they are most grateful to receive when they consult with sport trainers or enlist the services of a personal trainer is the sense that someone who has traveled the path before them is offering the best of what they learned from direct experience. Perhaps the broadest benefit this brings is the state of mind it enables you to access. When you are confident in the instruction and guidance you are receiving, you are better able to put that training to use and to observe the benefits it brings.

Yet this direct experience is only the starting point for Atlanta’s expert sports trainers, and similarly the state of mind it inspires is a foundation, a background for the effort that must follow.

What About Atlanta Sports Trainers

The turning point in the careers of the kind of sports trainers you want to consider for your own fitness path is what they did after that initial passion, that college sport, that bodybuilding competition. When their passion caused those sports trainers to broaden their experience, to formalize their training, to expand the variety of approaches they can call upon – that is when sports trainers here in Atlanta become professionals, when they earn the right to be consulted by you and to fully appreciate and serve the unique nature of your own strengths and weaknesses and the goals that you envision.

We invite you to check out the bios of the professionals here at Eclipse. Consider who has “got what you want,” or who has transcended the obstacles that you yourself are seeking to overcome. In many cases, it may be a process of selecting opposites, rather than harmonizing with your own experience and background. The body makes progress through change, and so, getting too comfortable with an approach that may be familiar to you is not always the most productive answer.

If Your Goals are Sport-Specific

If a triathlon or a bodybuilding meet or a tournament of any kind is on the horizon, then you might want to consider sport-specific training for a time. However, we suggest you avoid training over the long haul with sports trainers who stay specialized. Even if your goals are sport-specific, they are better served by a variety of approaches over the fullness of a career, or even a season.

This is why we place so great an emphasis among our sports trainers at Eclipse in broadening our background and continuing to learn all through our lives. Fitness is not a finished subject. It continues to develop rapidly and steeply over time, and this is why we dedicate ourselves to lifelong learning. Even within our own lifetimes we have seen science revise many old beliefs and help us improve the results our clients achieve, while still adding ever-greater measures of safety and freedom from injury.

The Facets of a Fine Fitness Education

Far from over-specializing, the finest among the sports trainers available in Atlanta have honed their skills and polished their knowledge base like the surface of a mirror-ball. Able to reflect knowledge and experience from an abundance of angles, they are better able to assure you of an approach that is tailored to you, and one that doesn’t get stale over time.

This variety of fitness education and background not only bring more answers to every step along the path, but also stands the test of resilience – able to add a change of pace when that is called for, to keep it fresh, to keep your fitness routine from becoming routine. Where this pays off is in longevity.

The Long Run is the Greatest Prize of All

Longevity, to be willing and able – and eager – to stay steadily on your path, this is the greatest payoff of all when you consider working with Atlanta sports trainers. If they bring the background, experience, preparation, and knowledge to keep your workouts fresh, to keep them feeling worthwhile, to make them something you would notice more in their absence, something you see as just a normal part of your day, then what you take away will benefit you for years to come.

Let’s get together for a talk, about how to make your fitness goals your own, and how to meet those goals with a program that works for you, that never gets old, and that becomes a genuine part of who you are.

At Eclipse, we are as dedicated to your success as you are. Let’s get acquainted and put our team on your side.