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Because nobody can exercise for you, training, fitness, and well-being might seem like a solitary task.

Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Ultimately, it is you who does the work that produces results. And yet, for a whole lot of reasons, even the world’s most accomplished athletes almost invariably employ a coach or counselor. Even championship teams have long put strength coaches and training specialists on staff, because the coaches who focus on skills and teamwork see a need for someone else who knows just that much about building individual strength, flexibility, and endurance.

We would be the last ones to try to force an idea on you, but just consider this. If the teams and athletes and movie stars that get and keep the world’s attention with their accomplishments call on personal trainers to help them fulfill their potential, then maybe that is a resource that could help you, too.

When We Begin

Setting out to develop a fitness routine that’s right for you may be the most obvious time to consult a personal trainer. Even if life experience has included sports and fitness, there is no guarantee that the training you picked up along the way has anything to do with your own body or your own goals. Not to brag, but just to be frank, this is where we shine. Taking time to assess a person’s unique characteristics and to help them see more specifically their goal, their aiming point, this is our practice and our passion. We bring ongoing formal education and a lot of experience to the table for this conversation, and it is one that you won’t want to miss.

In a way, we are always beginning, because one of the miracles to respect about our bodies is that they are ever-changing. A personal trainer can be your guide to the periodic reassessments that life and growth call for. Our bodies’ capacity to restore and reinforce itself carries on throughout life, although the pace and directions it takes do change. And so, life itself is a good reason to have a personal trainer, because new beginnings take place all along the path, sometimes when we are not expecting them.

When Results Quit Showing Up

Another occasion when people seek a personal trainer is when the results they are seeing level off. Both mentally and physically, a planned degree of variation is called for, if our climb to our goals is to continue. Simply changing the angle or technique for executing certain exercises is enough to “surprise” a muscle group into progressing further.

Even more important, reassessing the match between assets and goals is a process that should be renewed regularly, and this is the key to avoiding plateaus, or the common occurrence of diminishing returns on the same amount of effort.

For the Blessing of a Challenge

A continual benefit of engaging a personal trainer that people play back to us is that we all need urging occasionally to reach farther than we have grasped before. One of the hazards of successful training is self-satisfaction, and a personal trainer can be just the kind of company you need to keep, to enable you to continue striving and achieving.

At Eclipse 1-on-1, our accomplished team of personal trainers is ready, willing, and able to help you discover the link between the fitness you have now and the fitness you want to enjoy, and to stick with it for the long haul. We are as invested in your success as you are. Let’s get together and talk about what an individualized program and a personal trainer might mean for you.