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Here’s maybe the first, best example of how you get back more than you give in an exercise program – but you have to give something. It’s about time.

How to Make Time for Workouts (When You Don’t Have Any Time)

They say time is the asset that we can’t increase. Don’t get us started. Truth is, time can be just as mysterious as gravity for those who – uh – take time to think carefully about it. In our experience, time may be the very thing that choice can have the most impact on. We may all have the same amount of time in a day. The difference in our lives is in the choices we make about how to spend it.

Everything you are doing is important in some measure. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. Yet questioning our thoughts about what is a priority can be a very healthy exercise.

Fitting It In

The first approach that most people think of, when it’s time to put regular workouts into their life, is fitting it in. “Where in the world would I put it?” is usually the first answer. (And it might be the biggest drawback of this approach, if you leave it at that.)

Start with an hour. That’s our first suggestion. Yes, your workout and getting into and out of it may take more time than that, sooner or later. But when it comes to where to put it in your day, start with an hour. Now think honestly about what you are getting back in exchange for that hour at lunchtime, or after work, or right after taking the kids to school.

And definitely think in terms of a week, not just a day. Suddenly the possibilities expand to the point where it’s hard to find excuses, when we look at where in the week we might put four or five occasions where we make our own goals as important as all those others.

Setting It Aside

Some of our favorite success stories have come from the lives of people who just flat claimed an “untaken” time for their workouts. One woman, a career professional whose success had left her with less and less day for herself, came to a key realization one day: She found that when she left her workout til the end of the workday, too many things could arise that would get in the way. That loss of focus, and the day’s expenditure of mental energy – which counts, too, a lot – made after work a choice that was not going to work for her.

She decided to just get up earlier and claim her workout before she ever got near the office. Yes, the actual wakeup time sounded ominous at first – she wasn’t what you’d call a late-riser to begin with. But that rising hour came to be her very favorite time of day. The quiet, the coffee, the stillness that was still in her mind as she put on her workout gear, saving her business suit for later. This became her time, and she grew to love it very quickly.

A Role for Good Advice

Just as we’ve seen a great many goals achieved among our clients, we’ve also seen a lot of obstacles overcome, and “When could I possibly work out?” is perhaps the most common. So like any other element of our experience, you can count on us for help.

Our accomplished team of personal trainers are as invested in your success as you are at Eclipse 1-on-1. Let’s get acquainted.