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One of the rewards of an effective workout program is the peace that comes from not thinking about it. Well, at least from not thinking about whether or when to do it.

How to Make Working Out a Habit

Putting an end to “the debating society” in your head is a pleasure you can look forward to, because making it easier to get it done is part of our expertise at Eclipse 1-on-1. Yes, it’s part of the deal to be conscious about your exercise, to cultivate an awareness of what you are working and why – and of what you’re going to get out of it. But thinking about whether to work out? You can expect that to go away.

The Meaning of Decision

No, it’s not “brainwashing.” Think of the people whose fitness you admire. Do they seem like robots? Hardly. They’ve found a way to make their workout an integral part of their lives, something that they just expect to do. They’ve made a decision.

Our language-geek friends – yes, there’s nothing about muscle that gets in the way of a good vocabulary – tell us that decision came from Latin roots that meant to cut off. We cut off other directions when we make a decision. We commit to a course. A lot of good things come from decision. Focus is an obvious one. More available energy is surely another, although maybe not so obvious. Mentally, sense of purpose gradually becomes part of who we are, and that sense is certainly one of the strengths you can look forward to increasing.

The Results of Repetition

Studies establish that for many things, 21 days are all it takes to make or break a habit. Let’s say your exercise program consists of four workouts a week. That means that in just a dozen workouts, you could expect to be grooved, to be in the rhythm, to be beyond decision.

What happens then? Well, in addition to freeing your mind for everything else that’s interesting in your life, the habit of exercise gives your body something it can count on. And you can bet your body knows what to do with that.

It’s built-in for our bodies to be in a continual process of renewal. What we do when we exercise is offer a direction to that process. Strength, stamina, oxygen efficiency, metabolism, all are given tangible encouragement. The regularity of habit adds a rhythm to those encouragements. It puts the body in a balance of exertion and recovery that is just as natural as breathing out and breathing in.

Notice How Good You Feel

And in case any further encouragement is needed, when exercise becomes a habit, you are feeding your brain. Regular exercise promotes the brain’s production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), a protein that stimulates formation of new brain cells and strengthens existing ones. A Harvard doc described BDNF as “Miracle-Gro for the brain.” It’s not our line of work to go that deep, but we do stay aware, and it’s nice to know when science confirms what we see arising from our work every day.

Let us help you form the habit and enjoy the profound benefits of regular exercise. Here at Eclipse 1-on-1, our accomplished team of personal trainers are as invested in your success as you are. Let’s get acquainted.