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When you set out on an exercise program, the first thing we’d like to see you do involves no movement at all.

At least no physical movement. What we’d most like to see you do is find joy in your outlook. Joy, rather than dread, is the rational approach to beginning a workout program, and here’s why.

Our experience with thousands of beginners shows that the rewards of their exercise come sooner and reach more levels of their lives than they even imagine in the beginning. The sense of satisfaction, of fulfillment – or even just relief – comes even before they notice muscles gaining definition or cardio getting more efficient. It’s not a trendy word, but pride is a big part of what people get from starting a proper program of exercise, even if it is a private sort of pride.

You’re doing this. Most folks aren’t. And you’re already reaping the rewards with that feeling.

Baseline Assessment

Just picking exercises to do would skip some important steps. Practically anyone, at any age, should get a medical checkup to see whether there are any conditions that call for special attention or accommodation in your approach to exercise. Even professional athletes start each season with an overall “physical,” so it’s not being paranoid to get a checkup.

Second, get an assessment interview with an experienced exercise professional. The Internet can be a good tool for reinforcing your program, once you have one, but it’s a terrible place to begin. The vast haystack of exercise advice you’ll find there is not unbiased, and certainly way too general to be particularly good for you. Talk to a pro about your goals and your own past experience. With a clear picture of what makes you, you, the sets of exercise you use to embark are far more likely to do you good.

Some Factors to Consider

Starting out, there are some big, wide facts that may influence the goals you set personally, and in consultation with your trainer. Perhaps the first is that obesity is rising to epidemic proportions in the prosperous world. About 40% of Americans are obese, including nearly 20% of children. And as you probably know, it is related directly to a couple of the top-five things that can shorten a person’s life.

Exercise is one of the solutions for that, and, as a result, fat-burning plays a role in most people’s goals. How we get there can be personally and expertly aimed, yet, in most cases, it involves exercises that not only burn fat, but also help the heart and lungs do their jobs. That’s the famous “cardio” and the benefits of doing it are many.

Often, people aren’t aware initially of the good that resistance exercise – muscle building – can play. Increasing muscle mass and tone actually dials up the metabolism significantly, so that you’re burning more calories, even at rest. It’s like interest – making money in your sleep. And speaking of sleep, regular exercise and weight loss often improves a person’s quality and duration of sleep, too.

We like to say that our accomplished team of personal trainers are as invested in your success as you are at Eclipse 1-on-1. We see it every day, and it makes us different. It is an advantage that’s especially important to put on your side when you’re beginning a fitness program, and we can help you make it a way of life you enjoy. Let’s get acquainted.