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We confess. A lot of us got along pretty well relying on exercise to cover for our lack of discipline in what we ate – when we were younger.

Why Diet is as Important as Exercise

For everyone interested in fitness, the time will come when exercise alone is not enough, and it’s time to learn the ways of eating well. Why put that off? Better to have the knowledge you’ll need before you need it. And much better to have the good practices grooved when you get there.

More than a Furnace

The paradigm many people carry around of how our body uses food is the image of a furnace. Food is seen as fuel, and energy and output are what the fuel generates. Not bad for a start. But if we want more from our bodies and minds than just the basics, then we have to appreciate some additional factors. Choose your sources of this information wisely, because as you’ve no doubt noticed, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about nutrition.

The two main threads of information you are likely to find are from nutritionists and from trainers. Each source has its strengths, but both have to be considered, if you want the straight scoop. Any single source that claims to have it all is suspect. That’s why we strive to offer a synthesis of the best information at Eclipse 1-on-1.

Eclipse Launches The Shred

Need a quick workout – say, about five minutes or so – that gets your heart pumping and your muscles burning? Of course you do, which is why Eclipse 1-on-1 has launched a video workout series called, The Shred. Twice a month, we’ll add a new video that focuses on different muscle groups. Access them anytime, day or night, at The Shred.

What Experience Teaches

As lifelong fitness devotees, the trainers you’ll meet at Eclipse have the advantage of having explored a great many hypotheses about the best diets for fitness. Seeing firsthand what works – and how it works – and what doesn’t work brings with it a firm foundation we can share. That foundation, you’ll find, is eminently adaptable, because people respond just as differently to nutrition as they do to exercise – another reason why the personal approach is preferred.

One surprise awaiting you, if you’re new to fitness eating, is how often you’ll eat. The steadiness and regularity of energy supply and protein replacement is one feature that most approaches have in common. When you’re working out to improve – whether it’s fat reduction, strength-building, or weight loss – you need support from your diet to do that work effectively. Most people at first find the smaller, more frequent meals or snacks to be a new experience. “I didn’t feel deprived. I felt like I was eating all the time,” one client said.

Body Types and Goals

A few of the big, blunt differences among people, when it comes to eating right for fitness training, are body type, metabolism, and fitness goals. There are other, more subtle, factors to consider, too, but these three lay out a starting point.

You already know from experience, and from the variety of your friends, that different folks have different center lines for shape and development. And while everyone’s metabolism varies during the day, we each have different baselines, which can be influenced and even, to some extent, “re-set” by a regular program of exercise. (One of the benefits of muscle-building is that it tends to raise our resting metabolic rate – we burn more calories even when we’re still.) Finally, everyone has a different vision or goal for how they want to look and feel as a result of exercise and nutrition. Some are out to get big. Others want great muscle definition while still looking good in business clothes. Some make exercise part of their road to reducing fat for health and appearance. Still others would like to develop specific strengths and capacities for certain sports.

Once again, the paths to achieve and maintain fitness can be as various as the folks who have the dream. The dialogue you develop with an experienced personal trainer can make all the difference in the efficiency and satisfaction you encounter on your own path. Here at Eclipse 1-on-1, our accomplished team of personal trainers are as invested in your success as you are. Let’s get acquainted.