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Rhythm and repetition play a part in successful exercise. We see it here at Eclipse 1-on-1 every day, and the only thing that surprises us a little about it is this: It seems to be true for everybody.

Why It Is Important to Have a Regular Exercise Schedule

The finer points of getting from the body you have to the body you want may be very individual. That’s where the help of an experienced professional pays off. Yet there are certain things we share – all of us are equipped with this human body – and the importance of exercising regularly is one of them. Why? Because there is very little standing still when it comes to fitness.

Eclipse Launches The Shred

Need a quick workout – say, about five minutes or so – that gets your heart pumping and your muscles burning? Of course you do, which is why Eclipse 1-on-1 has launched a video workout series called, The Shred. Twice a month, we’ll add a new video that focuses on different muscle groups. Access them anytime, day or night, at The Shred.

Choose Up or Choose Down

Occasionally, people hit plateaus in their results – and this calls for refreshing their approach or routine – but there is no such thing as stopping and staying the same, not for very long. We are either improving our strength and stamina or we are letting them decline. For this reason, even the pauses, the rest that exercise requires, have to be measured and monitored just as carefully as we might count the weights or reps we use. The reason has to do with one of the natural gifts that comes with our bodies.

You see, it is our body’s nature to renew itself. Cells do this constantly, and we don’t have to order them to do it. Their nature to renew is what we are giving focus to when we exercise. We are placing demands on processes such as muscle-building and oxygen-exchange efficiency – and our bodies are naturally responding by building up those abilities.

When we stop for a little while, our bodies catch up. The renewal process rises to meet the recent demand, and we turn out stronger. In fact, rest is an integral part of the training process. When we stop for too long, though, we lose what we have gained. Our bodies find other things to do with the nutrients we provide – like storing fat for some future demand.

Regularity of Mind

Perhaps a less tangible, but no less important, reason for regular exercise has to do with the benefits that show up in our thoughts. When we are committed to a schedule, when we show ourselves that we can meet that commitment, then confidence grows just as surely as a muscle. When we experience the follow-through of that schedule for a while, then we have a habit, and a rewarding one, too.

Among the good things about the habit of exercise is that it brings an end to debate. There’s peace of mind in knowing that this is just what we do, not something to be re-evaluated with every event of the day. The habit of exercise is so valuable that we’ll talk about how to achieve it in a future blog.

Beyond habit, exercise becomes a way of life for those who practice it regularly. It turns into something we expect from our day, our week, our life. The payoffs become part of who we are. And not just ourselves. Our partners, our friends, and even our children see the example we are setting. They can take it or leave it, but they can’t ignore it.

At Eclipse 1-on-1, our accomplished team of personal trainers is as invested in your success as you are. Let’s get acquainted.