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The Shred: Chapter 3 | 4 Minutes | Full Body

Are you ready to feel the burn? Follow along with Alex Carson in today’s full body crush. In just four minutes you can get your entire body to burn! #MovedByExcellence https://eclipse.fit/theshred

Today’s Workout:

45 sec: Alternating arm mountain climbers

45 sec: Plank walk to body saw

45 sec: Squat to crunch (alternate knee to opposite elbow)

45 sec: Shoulders taps to leg arm raise (from plank position)

The Shred: Chapter 2 | 5 Minutes | Full Body

Welcome to The Shred. We are bringing you major heat this week in our 5 minute, full body blast. Grab two towels or gliders and let’s get to work!

Today’s Workout:

45 sec. Kneeling stand up to low squat jump

45 sec. High knees to lateral jump

45 sec. Alternating forward to back lunge 5 each directions then switch legs

45 sec. Push up Jack to Burpee

45 sec. Dancing bear: Alternating both knees to elbows

The Shred: Chapter 1 | 15 Minutes | Full Body Tabata

Welcome to The Shred. Unlock access to Atlanta’s most-elite trainers and their five- to 30-minute workouts that will get your body to peak performance. Whether you’re at the office, on vacation, or at home, you can train with us on demand and be #MovedByExcellence. New workouts post every two weeks. So, grab a chair and get ready to work it out on leg day with Alex Carson, co-owner and trainer at Eclipse 1-on-1. For more workouts, click the link in our bio!

Today's Workout:

20 sec: Bulgarian Split Squat
10 sec: Bulgarian Split squat with Jump
Switch Legs x 2

20 sec: Squats
10 sec: Squat to Jump
Switch Legs x 2
Tip: open up stance for seated squat

20 sec: Lateral squat
10 sec: Lateral pulses
Switch legs x2
Tips: stay low in the pulses

20 sec: Elevated Single Leg Hip Bridge
10 sec: Hip Bridges Both Legs
Switch legs x2

20 sec: Step Back Lunge
10 sec: Lunge Jump
Tip: Keep torso upright, don’t let front knee push in front of toe

20 sec: Curtsy Squat
10 sec: Curtsy Squat Jump
Tip: try to keep torso upright and hips and shoulders square.

20 sec: Side Plank Pulses
10 sec: Alternating Spider-Man Crunches

The Shred: Chapter 4 | 5 Minutes | Metabolic

Welcome back to The Shred! If you are ready to sweat, this metabolic madness is for you! All you are going to need is a set of weights for today’s workout. Follow along with @juicecarson and our elite trainers twice a month for exclusive workouts you can only find here at Eclipse 1-on1. #MovedByExcellence

Today’s Workout:

45 sec: Squat to Shoulder Press

45 sec: Push-up to Burpee

45 sec: Step Back Lunge to Shoulder Raise

45 sec: Wide Bent Over Row to Upright Row

45 sec: Pullover

The Shred: Chapter 5 | Full Body | Metabolic

Your Wednesday is just heating up! You loved our last metabolic workout, so we are hitting you with an even harder one! Push yourself to your limit and follow along with @juicecarson to get your #humpday workout in! Grab a set of weights, and get ready to move! #MovedByExcellence

Today’s Workout:

45 sec: Bicep curl squat

45 sec: One dumbbell renegade row

45 sec: Jumping jack to lateral raise

45 sec: Toe reaches

45 sec: Russian twist

The Shred: Chapter 6 | 30 Minutes | Circuit

We are inviting you to push yourself this week during this 10-minute circuit workout. Push yourself not to stop until you reach the end of the circuit! If you can finish all three rounds, call yourself an #EclipseAthlete! Are you ready to be #MovedByExcellence?

Today’s Workout:
10 reps each exercise
Complete entire circuit three times

1. Left step back curtsey lunge
Right step back curtsey lunge
2. Low sumo pulse to squat
3. Squat
4. Left side lunge
Right side lunge
5. Pulsing dumbbell Romanian deadlift
6. Bent over row to standing upright row
7. Alternating arm bent over row
8. Slow pushup on dumbbells
9. Alternating overhead press
10. Bicep curl press to tricep extension

The Shred: Chapter 7 | 20 Minutes | Circuit

Temps might be cooling down, but you are sure to break a sweat in this week's circuit workout. Complete 10 reps of each exercise and the circuit three times to become an Eclipse athlete! Follow along with @juicecarson and be #MovedByExcellence

Today's Workout:
You will need a moderate to heavy set of weights

10 reps: Single push-up to press
10 reps: Single deadlift to side lunge
10 reps: Dumbbell power pulls
10 reps: Squat to step back lunge
10 reps: Side crunches

The Shred: Ch 8 | 5 Minutes | Circuit

Are you about to start your holiday season prep? No better way to get ahead than this full-body circuit that is ONLY 15 minutes! This circuit will help you work smarter so you can work harder! Complete this circuit three times through with @juicecarson and be #MovedByExcellence.

Today’s Workout:

1. Renegade row to pushup
2. Lunge to shoulder press
3. Arm mountain climbers to fly
4. Bicep, tricep combo
4. Pull overs

The Shred: Ch. 9 | 10 Minute Body Blast

Can you keep up with one of Atlanta’s most elite trainers, Cady Nix, for this 10-minute circuit? Complete this circuit 3 times though to be #MovedByExcellence

Today’s Workout:

1. low to high plank
2. Push up
3. Wide row to narrow row
4. Straight-arm tricep kickbacks
5. Rotational shoulder press

The Shred: Ch. 10 | Circuit

How many rounds can you complete in 15 minutes? Do 10 reps of each exercise for this weeks workout. Are you ready to be #MovedByExcellence with @cadynixx?

Today’s Workout:
- Right leg: step back lunge to low row
- Left leg: step back lunge to low row
- Push up to plank jack
- Bicep curl with squat to single-leg deadlift
- Alternating leg lifts with chest press
- Weighted pullover crunch

The Shred: Ch. 11 | 15 Minutes | Circuit

Get pumped up in this quick 15-minute workout! Follow along with trainer, Cady Nix and see how far you can push yourself! #MovedByExcellence ...

The Shred: Ch. 12 | 15 Minutes | Circuit

Is it just us or is it hot in here? Jessica Cartee is on fire in this week's episode of The Shred. Grab a set of medium dumbbells, towels or gliders and get ready to move! Complete this circuit 3 time through to be #MovedByExcellence ...

The Shred: Ch. 13 | 15 Minutes | Full Body

Grow stronger and get leaner with Jessica Cartee in this 15 minute workout! #MovedByExcellence

Today's Workout:
🔥 Squats
🔥 Left leg: curtsey lunge with pulse
🔥 Right leg: curtsey lunge with pulse
🔥 Left leg: hip bridge with leg extension
🔥 Right leg: hip bridge with leg extension
🔥 Left side: double cross crunch
🔥 Right side: double cross crunch

The Shred: Ch. 14 | Lower Body Circuit

We are back with another chapter of THE SHRED featuring Alex Carson! 🔥 #MovedByExcellence

Today’s Workout:
10 reps each exercise (left and right)
As many rounds in 30 minutes

- Step Ups
- Curtsey Lunge
- Rear Foot Elevated Lunge
- Dumbbell Deadlift

The Shred: Ch. 15 | Upper Body Circuit

Ch. 15 of The Shred is sure to make your arms shake! How many reps of 10 can you get done in 30 minutes?

Today's Workout:

- Narrow Bench Rows
- Wide Bench Rows
- Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise
- Bicep Curls